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Importing successful business ideas into the UK

Using Brian’s 35+ years’ experience working globally, and BJ&A’s network of media and advertising professionals we are well placed to identify great ideas that will make a difference within the UK, and to help those businesses adapt and introduce their services to this market.

Importing ideas

Helping start-ups gain a foothold in the marketing services industry

Many great ideas start in one industry, and are then adapted and applied to others. We can help those wishing to enter the marketing services industry by assessing the suitability of their idea and (assuming this is positive) by introducing them to the most appropriate contacts within the industry.

Helping start-ups

Advising agencies as they structure for the future

Media and research agencies are facing numerous challenges as the technology available evolves, and the scale and scope of communication channels proliferate. Brian’s experience in the agency sector, coupled with that of many of our key consultants means that we are well placed to offer objective advice to agencies.

Advising agencies for the future

Pitch management

We can act as intermediaries for those advertisers wishing to embark on a creative, media or research agency pitch. Our services include helping assess the client's needs, putting together lists of candidate agencies to meet these needs, briefing the candidates, acting as the client's voice for any questions or queries that arise throughout the process, arranging all meetings, assessing commercial terms, scoring agency performance.

Pitch management

Ensuring that advertisers get the most from their agency partners

The sheer number of services available from today’s agencies can sometimes confuse, and add cost. Many add value; many are under-employed. We can ensure that advertisers make the most of the services available, and only pay for those they find valuable.

Ensuring that advertisers get the most

Providing expert media planning, buying and research services to advertisers

We can provide an expert ad hoc service in media and market research to those advertisers not wishing to contract with an agency.

Providing expert media planning

Whitevector testimonial

Brian's help in getting in touch with the right people and gearing our product offering for the UK market has been critical.

Tommi Lehtonen, CEO, Whitevector Oy

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